Changeless Me

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I am that I am, that which I was I am. That which I am, I was. I am the little dot of the universe, the smallest indivisible whole. Like am atom, I am energy. A discrete quantity of energy proportional to the magnitude of the frequency I emit, the frequency that connects all universal wholes to me.

I am a magnet, in being still I exhume a force of attraction, an attraction so powerful that it draws all. I possess nothing for I am nothing. In possessing nothing I possess all, in being nothing I am everything.  I am changeless, for to be changeless is not to be unchangeable as is my God, it is to assert that change has less effect on me.

All externalised object pronouns my oneness converts into internalised subject pronouns, for it is ‘me’, ‘myself’ and ‘I’.

That which I seek for in the universe…

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