As I lay here feeling the soft green grass around me, I look up at the willow above me. Pretty blooms starting to sprout. I hear birds chirping. It feels like a peaceful place. In the distance I hear a voice yelling my name. As I rose up, the skies grew darker. The willow began to die. The grass was just shrub. It began to rain. I started running towards the voice. I was getting closer and it was getting colder. It was dark. I seen a distinctive glimmer in the distance so I made my way to it. It was a candle. Sitting next to a tree. I began to pick it up. As I brought the candle to chest length someone was standing in front of me. I wasn’t scared. He grabbed my hand and said, it’s time to wake up. I was confused and my hand started to burn. I woke up coughing with smoke every where. The place I was in was in

flames. My best shot was to jump out the window. But suddenly it started to die down. Everywhere I looked the flames went away. I looked out the window and there stood men in weird uniforms with a huge truck. Spraying water on the house. I opened the window and they yelled if I was okay. I told them the fire was gone. Who are you people? They were confused on how the fire was put out because they had just arrived. We are the fire men. I’ve never seen these people in my life. I made my way outside. A woman hugged me and said I can’t believe you are awake! Its been 2 years since you have been in a coma. Do you know who I am?
I’m sorry I don’t. What’s a coma? I looked around and couldn’t find my tree. Odd shaped places and I began to panick. Where am I? And I drifted off.


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