Changeless Me

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I am that I am, that which I was I am. That which I am, I was. I am the little dot of the universe, the smallest indivisible whole. Like am atom, I am energy. A discrete quantity of energy proportional to the magnitude of the frequency I emit, the frequency that connects all universal wholes to me.

I am a magnet, in being still I exhume a force of attraction, an attraction so powerful that it draws all. I possess nothing for I am nothing. In possessing nothing I possess all, in being nothing I am everything.  I am changeless, for to be changeless is not to be unchangeable as is my God, it is to assert that change has less effect on me.

All externalised object pronouns my oneness converts into internalised subject pronouns, for it is ‘me’, ‘myself’ and ‘I’.

That which I seek for in the universe…

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As I lay here feeling the soft green grass around me, I look up at the willow above me. Pretty blooms starting to sprout. I hear birds chirping. It feels like a peaceful place. In the distance I hear a voice yelling my name. As I rose up, the skies grew darker. The willow began to die. The grass was just shrub. It began to rain. I started running towards the voice. I was getting closer and it was getting colder. It was dark. I seen a distinctive glimmer in the distance so I made my way to it. It was a candle. Sitting next to a tree. I began to pick it up. As I brought the candle to chest length someone was standing in front of me. I wasn’t scared. He grabbed my hand and said, it’s time to wake up. I was confused and my hand started to burn. I woke up coughing with smoke every where. The place I was in was in

flames. My best shot was to jump out the window. But suddenly it started to die down. Everywhere I looked the flames went away. I looked out the window and there stood men in weird uniforms with a huge truck. Spraying water on the house. I opened the window and they yelled if I was okay. I told them the fire was gone. Who are you people? They were confused on how the fire was put out because they had just arrived. We are the fire men. I’ve never seen these people in my life. I made my way outside. A woman hugged me and said I can’t believe you are awake! Its been 2 years since you have been in a coma. Do you know who I am?
I’m sorry I don’t. What’s a coma? I looked around and couldn’t find my tree. Odd shaped places and I began to panick. Where am I? And I drifted off.


As the figure behind the drape layed there, I began to wonder. Who is this person? Lying so still. There was water everywhere. I had to hold myself up from slipping. It was spewing over and down the hall. Down the stairs. It was discolored. My hand trembled grabbing for the wet curtain. At last, I threw back the curtain and I was shocked at what I seen. She was lying there peacefully. She had a smile on her face. A simple, elegant smile. Her hair was long and black. There were a couple of wet strans laying across her face. I bent over the side and wiped them away. I caressed her cheek and said, I’m happy at last. I am free.



I’m waiting for someone to save me,
But what if he doesn’t come?
What if he doesn’t believe,
this mess can be undone? 

Tonight I continue to dance with strangers.
Make believing that he’s superman
Foolish ignoring the dangers
Trapped without a plan 


Cant he hear my cries?
I need him,
before it all dies!
The light is starting to dim. . 

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They are all presented in the original Middle English, because here at Interesting Literature we believe that that’s the best way to read the poems. This does mean that several words/phrases need glossing, so we’ve done this briefly before each poem. All of these poems were written (or at least written down) some time during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries: our source for them is the excellent Penguin book of Medieval…

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